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Welcome! I want to thank you for visiting my site – home of The Forest Speaks series. You have not arrived here by accident; in fact, there is no such thing. Something within your heart and soul has brought you to each and every point along your journey. This moment is no different.

I am glad that our paths have finally crossed. Many blessings to you!


Faery Books

Ever since I was little I can remember being in awe of the beings of light often referred to as faeries. I was drawn to them, and I was enticed by the space beyond the veil known as the Faerie Realm. Of course back then there weren’t a plethora of Faery books filled with this subject matter – nothing that discussed the faeries as something other than characters in fairytale stories, a mere figment of a child’s imagination. Well, I knew better than that. Don’t we all?

Over time and very slowly a resurgence in the belief in faeries began. Faerie books popped up here and there. Things like “how to find a fairy” and stories of enchanted forests. For some reason, I wasn’t satisfied. These faerie books were only scratching the surface. They weren’t capturing and conveying the magic and wonder that I knew existed.

Now don’t get me wrong. Many a great metaphysician has written a thing or three about the faerie realm that proves to be quite accurate. However there was still something left to be desired. It wasn’t until much later that I would be able to articulate what it was that was lacking.

What had been missing was the energy and essence of the heart! This is what I could see and feel when I attuned to and accessed the faerie realm firsthand. And finally a story came to me. It arrived on a gentle breeze. There it waited, floating on the Mists, until I was ready to share it.

This is one of many Faery books out there, it is true. However it is my hope to not only give you a glimpse of the magic and mystique that is the faerie realm, but hopefully inspire you to explore a relationship with nature for yourself. For it is in returning to nature that we are able to heal ourselves and finally return home.

Many may ask of this faery book – “Is this one real, is it fantasy?” The answer is somewhere in between – and ultimately it matters not. I present to you one story in a sea of many. A new kind of faerie book – and yet the story is very, very old. I present to you The Forest Speaks series:

This magical tale is filled with adventure and fantastic characters, but really it is a story about all of us. And although I am the author of this body of work, really what I have written belongs to everyone. It is about the journey we all make at some point – a journey within to the Forest of our own hearts. It is my hope that as we each read this story we may be inspired to explore the Forest – both the one that exists within this book and the one within our own hearts – and in so doing we can begin to remember our own truth, our own purpose, and thus we shall begin to awaken!


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