A Glimpse into the Heart: A True Story of Epic Love

Faery Blessings! Take a breath as we step together into this powerful portal of Sacred Time. We enter it now as the Moon moves into Pisces. Then the heat gets kicked up with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse followed by the Spring Equinox. I believe my sluggish days of cavin’ it and hibernation are behind me. It was incredible these last few months, hell this last year! Incredible yes, but I didn’t say easy. This newsletter is really sort of symbolic for me because it marks a huge turning point on a personal level. A lot of chapters have ended in my life, but as I say goodbye I do so with love, honor and respect for all the lessons, opportunities for growth and really the opportunity to experience something different, something new and something greater on...

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Colombia: Part 1 – Heeding the Call

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to Colombia. More than for its appeal of natural beauty, there was a gentle tone within my heart that sounded every time the country’s name was heard. About five years ago I became aware of a beautiful group of Indigenous that are known as the Kogi of Santa Marta. Residing at fairly high altitudes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this particular indigenous group has passed  their ancient wisdom of the Mysteries generation after generation almost unchanged. Whether due to their isolation, or some other unknown factor, the Kogi are unique among the indigenous of the world in their ability to retain their inner traditional ways. These were an incredible people and I resonated deeply with their energy. I...

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