About the Author – Diomira Rose

Learn About the Author, Diomira Rose

Diomira Rose is a holistic healing practitioner, metaphysician, and Healing Minister of Inner Quest Church.


Diomira’s Education

She also holds a BA in Modern Language and Culture: Spanish and Italian.


Diomira’s association to the Faery Realm

Diomira Rose has been working with the Nature Realms of Faeries and Devas for almost a decade now. She is the founder of Faery Light, LLC, an organization dedicated to sharing the Faery Wisdom Teachings, an ancient body of wisdom that seeks to awaken us to our connection with nature. She has traveled extensively to many different countries and sacred sites all over the world seeking to connect with and experience diverse peoples, lands, and nature spirit energies.


Diomira Rose’s Mission

Through her work she seeks to bridge worlds through peace, love and understanding.


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