Philadelphia Experiment Reloaded: Faery Light and PA

Since moving to Pennsylvania, I have not connected very deeply with the land or the beings. There have been a few exceptions such as the Inter-Forest Council of Light and my newly made faery friends in the house and garden. Overall, however, I have not felt a strong resonance. This has been both shocking and depressing for me. My center is deeply rooted in the land and fulfillment comes from a symbiotic relationship with the faeries. I think it always has. The times when I have felt disconnected have resulted from a lack of connection with nature. As a young girl I was uprooted as my family and I moved from the Midwest to the Southeast. I have uprooted myself half a dozen times, traveling and then moving and living half way around the world. In all this change,...

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The Voice of the Waterfall

Hiking to Raven Creek Falls was truly about the journey and not the destination. Not to say that the falls at the end of the hike wasn’t sweet and magical, however what happened midway through the hike was the highlight for me. A friend and I set out early Wednesday morning. The drive was just under two hours and we wanted to have plenty of time to explore when we got there. Arriving at the trail head was filled with its own sweet surprises.  I stepped onto the path and I did a centering prayer and meditation that I call the Earth and Sky Attunement; its a beautiful technique that the faeries taught me years ago to open the heart and harmonize your energy field to the frequency of Nature. It’s really as grounding as it is cosmic. I teach it to all my...

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Book 1B – A Companion Guide

This second book has come about in a very interesting way. Swimming, dodging, trudging, through the Dark Forest one could say. I had been in resistance to writing this book for quite some time now. I wanted nothing more than to peacefully write book two and three and get on with it. But something kept gnawing at me. Pulling on the edges of my consciousness. Like little gnats I would swat it away. The faeries, bless their hearts, really have their work cut out for them partnering with me. And by the way, I don’t recommend stubbornness when working with them. It will get you nowhere. It certainly didn’t get me anywhere. I’d been beating my head against a metaphorical wall for months. Why! Why! Why, was book 2 not flowing out effortlessly! What the hell was going on...

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A Glimpse into the Heart: A True Story of Epic Love

Faery Blessings! Take a breath as we step together into this powerful portal of Sacred Time. We enter it now as the Moon moves into Pisces. Then the heat gets kicked up with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse followed by the Spring Equinox. I believe my sluggish days of cavin’ it and hibernation are behind me. It was incredible these last few months, hell this last year! Incredible yes, but I didn’t say easy. This newsletter is really sort of symbolic for me because it marks a huge turning point on a personal level. A lot of chapters have ended in my life, but as I say goodbye I do so with love, honor and respect for all the lessons, opportunities for growth and really the opportunity to experience something different, something new and something greater on...

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Colombia: Part 1 – Heeding the Call

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to Colombia. More than for its appeal of natural beauty, there was a gentle tone within my heart that sounded every time the country’s name was heard. About five years ago I became aware of a beautiful group of Indigenous that are known as the Kogi of Santa Marta. Residing at fairly high altitudes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this particular indigenous group has passed  their ancient wisdom of the Mysteries generation after generation almost unchanged. Whether due to their isolation, or some other unknown factor, the Kogi are unique among the indigenous of the world in their ability to retain their inner traditional ways. These were an incredible people and I resonated deeply with their energy. I...

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