Theory or Practice

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Okay I am going to try to commit to writing these entries more often. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say, as anyone that knows me will tell you. I just have a hard time sharing what is within me. Whether it has to do with fear of vulnerability, or not knowing where exactly to begin, I’m not sure. It was easy when I was doing the Faery Messages, which I still do from time to time. The faeries would just give me something to say, and then I’d say it. With this medium, however, I have a feeling I actually have to share from the myriad...

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To Be Kissed by a Flower

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When we think of flower faeries and flowers we think of them as being separate, and existing exclusively of one another. Indeed to the 3D eye they might appear to be so. The truth is, however, that their existence is intertwined. If you were to shift your vision to a higher dimensional level, you would perceive their interconnectedness. Flowers exist as multidimensional beings. On the physical level, a flower may appear as a combination of several key parts such as the stem, the blossom and its intricate reproductive system. However just as...

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Faery, Faerie, or Fairy

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Oftentimes people ask me of my usage of the word faery. Why the different spellings? Why do I use the preferred “faery” spelling as oppose to the more modern spelling of the word? And why do I sometimes use “Faerie” in place of “Faery”? I will attempt to answer all these musings and more… Over the centuries there have been many words used to refer to those beings of light that work to support the Earth in her forward evolutionary path through space and time. Some cultures view them simply as nature...

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