Book 1: Awakening the Rose

Awakening the Rose

Awakening the Rose - Book Cover

What could a young girl living in the present day  possibly have to do with an ancient Mystery School and mystical community living on the edge of a Forest 13,000 years ago?

Meet Jedda Delaney, a rather average teenage girl living a fairly normal and uneventful high school life. Until one morning, that is, when she awakens from a not-so-normal dream that tells a different story. That story is of the Forest, this one is filled with magic and wonder. It is here that possibilities are beyond Jedda’s wildest imagination, for every creature has a voice and a song to sing.  But it was just a dream…or was it?

Join Jedda in, “Awakening the Rose” as she learns of her connection to an ancient stream of wisdom that is guarded so carefully  – a journey that requires only one thing: that she remember something that lies buried and forgotten in the farthest depths of her own heart.

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