Book 1B – A Companion Guide

This second book has come about in a very interesting way. Swimming, dodging, trudging, through the Dark Forest one could say. I had been in resistance to writing this book for quite some time now. I wanted nothing more than to peacefully write book two and three and get on with it. But something kept gnawing at me. Pulling on the edges of my consciousness. Like little gnats I would swat it away. The faeries, bless their hearts, really have their work cut out for them partnering with me. And by the way, I don’t recommend stubbornness when working with them. It will get you nowhere. It certainly didn’t get me anywhere. I’d been beating my head against a metaphorical wall for months. Why! Why! Why, was book 2 not flowing out effortlessly! What the hell was going on here? In fact, I was stuck on all my material, as if I’d flat-lined. My connection with the inner planes was still there. We were still journeying through Faerie, through the Heart, seeking to understand the Mysteries on all the deepest levels. No shortage of inspiration there. But workshops, none. Blogs, no way. And book 2, not a chance! I was stumped. What was I missing?

It was one day about a few months ago that I started getting insight that a companion guide was in the works – on the inner planes of course. Because I clearly wasn’t working on it. And certainly not until Book 2, maybe 3 was written and published. Yep! That was my timeline, and I was sticking to it!

Fast Forward several months, and still nada! All right…so much for sticking to it. I could stick to it all I wanted but it wasn’t happening. Had I missed my chance? Had I dilly dallied too long?

Then one day I felt an unavoidable urge to rewrite one of my main workshops. What would I call it? With new energy, sometimes the title needs a makeover as well. The Forest Speaks….why did that name come to me now….I know, I could call it The Faeries Speak…or something. Oh well. No use in tossing and turning over this now. I should just rewrite it. Then the right and perfect name would come; it always did.

I moved into my channeling state and was immediately greeted by one of my Faery contacts that I’d been doing a lot of work with lately. Then the one that I’d always worked with joined me. She was a little more standoffish than normal. Irritable almost. Which is a quality they so rarely exude.

I started rewriting the workshop, taking dictation really. It was turning into more of a lecture, or a book than a workshop…I came to the part where I usually allow the participants to share their name and intention for the work. Dead Halt. I tried to go on. Nothing but a measly outline came out. What the hell?

I connected with the two faery beings I’d been working with…well, what’s wrong? Then a dream I’d had about three years ago flashed before my eyes. A dream where I’d written this Forest Speaks workbook for teens and adults alike. In fact, in the dream they were working together in groups, collaborating and exploring the unseen realms of Nature. What was this dream about? And why did it come to me now?

The Faeries Speak…rewrite the workshop…the dream…

Holy Heart! The Companion Guide! Could it be? I see the faeries shaking their heads. I begin to lament, then I see the Faraway Islands that will always stay faraway and I realize: This is it. Book two cannot be written. Not when Book 1 is not finished. Not really. I mean the story is there. But now people need the road map. To really explore the principles discussed. People need a map, and a little guidance. I mean what person doesn’t want to access these worlds for themselves.

Now the main question about accessing these realms is that it isn’t just glamor and flash. We aren’t just doing it because it seems appealing, although there is something to be said of the appeal itself. Nay we are doing it because we have to. We must answer the call, just as Jedda answered the call.

And so ladies, gentlemen and faeries alike.  The Forest Speaks: The Experiential Companion Guide is coming soon!


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