To Be Kissed by a Flower

When we think of flower faeries and flowers we think of them as being separate, and existing exclusively of one another. Indeed to the 3D eye they might appear to be so. The truth is, however, that their existence is intertwined. If you were to shift your vision to a higher dimensional level, you would perceive their interconnectedness. Flowers exist as multidimensional beings. On the physical level, a flower may appear as a combination of several key parts such as the stem, the blossom and its intricate reproductive system. However just as humans exist on various levels beyond the physical – mental, emotional and spiritual – flowers are much more than what meets the eye.

When we perceive at a higher level – 4D and beyond – we tap into a profoundly different aspect of the flower – its spirit. The flower and its nature spirit are one. When a flower dies, the nature spirit moves on to its next assignment along its evolutionary path. We can interact with the flower at the nature spirit level very easily. To do so, you would want to sit near the flower with which you wished to communicate. Center yourself in your heart with a few deep breaths. Ask for a rainbow column of light to come over you. Feel this energy moving through you, and especially feel it in your heart. Now direct the excess rainbow light from your heart to the flower. As you do, ask to connect to the spirit of the plant. In this way you can easily form an open line of communication. At the nature spirit level, the flower expresses its individuality. You might choose to connect with the flower in this way to receive specific information about what type of care it requires to reach its fullest potential (more light, less water, etc).

There is another level of the flower that one can have access to if one desires – the Devic level. At the Devic level, all flowers of a particular species are one. For example, we might wish to communicate with the Rose Deva. The Rose Deva is not the spirit of one rose, but instead it is the collective spirit of all roses. It is through communication with the Deva that we can heal ourselves. Have you ever lain in a field of lavender or a meadow filled with wildflowers? Something within us changes. Perhaps you are filled with a sense of extreme joy, or maybe your awareness shifts to a very keen level. This is a result of the vibrational medicine of the flowers. Each type of flower offers us a different set of healing codes that are part of its vibrational signature pattern. These codes are housed on the Devic level. The Devas are the architects of design in the plant world. They store the divine blueprint for their respective species, and with it, the map for realizing its greatest potential. It is, of course, up to each plant on the individual level, in connection with the nature spirit, to see that the plans are implemented and its fullest potential realized using the building blocks of matter.

As mentioned above we can receive the healing benefits that flowers have to offer simply by being in their presence. However we may not always have an opportunity to be with them physically. In this case, we can choose to connect with a flower deva through conscious intention alone. This is because as devas, they are universal, and not tied to a geographic location. The steps for making this connection are simple: go to a quiet place, and sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths and take your attention to your heart. Feel the love you have for all of nature. Once you are in a peaceful and loving state, ask to connect with a particular Deva. Try to picture that flower, and how it makes you feel. Ask if it has a message to share with you. In this way, you can learn about the flower’s energetic healing properties, and how you can work together. Through connecting in this way, we allow the vibrational frequency of the flower to recalibrate our energy fields. To feel this connection, is to be kissed by a flower.


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