Faery Light in Shenandoah

This is Faery Light’s first Vlog. That’s a video blog for those of us who are new to this – myself included. Spirit has guided me to begin sharing the work Faery Light does with the world in this form. This will allow others to see the application of that which I teach. It is also a wonderful way to share information and I am really excited about it! I thought that the following adventure would be perfect to start with:     Curtis and I have been working with Spirit to gain clarity on where the location for our new home is to be. A great many signs have directed us to explore Virginia. As everyone surely knows, I need to connect to the land if I am to call a place my home for any extended period of time. Several weeks ago we traveled to VA to do just...

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Colombia: Part 1 – Heeding the Call

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to Colombia. More than for its appeal of natural beauty, there was a gentle tone within my heart that sounded every time the country’s name was heard. About five years ago I became aware of a beautiful group of Indigenous that are known as the Kogi of Santa Marta. Residing at fairly high altitudes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this particular indigenous group has passed  their ancient wisdom of the Mysteries generation after generation almost unchanged. Whether due to their isolation, or some other unknown factor, the Kogi are unique among the indigenous of the world in their ability to retain their inner traditional ways. These were an incredible people and I resonated deeply with their energy. I...

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