Faery, Faerie, or Fairy

Oftentimes people ask me of my usage of the word faery. Why the different spellings? Why do I use the preferred “faery” spelling as oppose to the more modern spelling of the word? And why do I sometimes use “Faerie” in place of “Faery”? I will attempt to answer all these musings and more…

Over the centuries there have been many words used to refer to those beings of light that work to support the Earth in her forward evolutionary path through space and time. Some cultures view them simply as nature spirits,  sentient beings that possess consciousness and intelligence (although different than ours). To the Greeks, the dryads, or tree spirits, were very well-known; in Shintoism, an ancient religion of Japan still practiced today, kami spirits are worked with; and the Persians referred to them as Devs (which is where the Theosophists use of the term deva originated from).

Other cultures seem to perceive faeries as a bit more physical in both form and expression: the Native Americans refer to them as the Little People – and I must say that even within this category they group many beings such as Yunwi Tsundi, Nune’hi, the Laurel People; the people of the Scandinavian region still respect and acknowledge the existence of Elves (See my Facebook article posted on July 10); the Goowawa spoken of by the Aborigine people; and of course the Sidhe of Ireland.

There are many reasons for the varying perceptions, but I think what is most important is man’s attempt to understand, explain, and dare I say build a relationship with these Nature Beings. Ultimately different peoples see and express things differently. Each of us has a unique perception of reality that flavors the whole. And perhaps that is not so unlike the Faerie Realm in that maybe they, too, are varied in their expression and consciousness.

I chose to use the word “Faery” to refer to these beings in general even though I am aware that they go by many names across many cultures and continents, and regardless of the fact that the beings may be  different based on both geography and level of consciousness (and a few other factors, which are not included in the scope of this article). However, to most of us in the Western world, specifically in the U.S., faery seems to be the word that circulates in everyone’s consciousness, so I use that. More recently, “nature spirit” and “deva” have been used to refer to these energies of Nature Intelligence, which seem to have a lot less connotations and preconceived ideas associated with them. I still use “faery”. What can I say? Perhaps even someone as unconventional as myself  fancies a little tradition every now and then 🙂

As far as the spelling goes – I like it. Plain and simple. It is one of the Old English spellings of the word that I gravitated toward. It is really a matter of personal preference – to me it conveys a sense of ancient, magical energy. When I am referring to beings themselves I use “Faery” or “Faeries” if plural. However when I am using it to describe a realm or place ie “the Mists of Faerie” or the “Faerie Realm” I use “Faerie”.

Now that I have hopefully shed some light on this, my suggestion would be to let it all go. That’s right. All of it really doesn’t matter. Categorizing, analyzing, compartmentalizing keeps us stuck in our brain, and locked out of our hearts. And ultimately, it is the Heart that is the portal through which we can easily access the Faerie Realm, and it is the only starting point from which we can begin to reconnect and reestablish a relationship we these wonderful “Earth Angels”.

Many Blessings to you on your Journey,

Diomira Rose

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